What is the common understanding of freeware?

Perhaps you have heard about Freeware, especially that often deals in computers. Then there are some of us who already know about what the common understanding freeware ?. Let this time I will explain the general understanding freeware very often we hear.

Freeware is computer software that is available for free, but that is copyrighted by the developer, which retain the right to control the distribution, modify and sell it in the future. It is usually distributed without source code, thus preventing modification by users.

Freeware definitionWhat is the common understanding of freeware

The software is distributed free of charge, usually no printed manual, warranty, or upgrade options. Although copies can be freely distributed (at no cost or fee), the copyright remains with the original author or publisher. Most freeware is a utility program that is relatively small but a few (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) is a full fledged program or (like Sun Microsystems Star Office) is a complete software suite.

While¬†according to wikipedia, Freeware (a portmanteau of “free” and “software”) is computer software that is available for use at no monetary cost. which may have restrictions such as redistribution is prohibited, and that the source code may not be available.

Freeware, although itself free, may be intended to benefit the owner, for example by encouraging the sale of a more capable version.

And According to the Free Software Foundation (FSF), “freeware” is a loosely defined category and are not clearly defined, although the FSF asks that the free software (free, unlimited and with source code available). Should not be called freeware. Examples of closed source freeware including Adobe Reader and Skype.

So What is the common understanding of freeware?

If I may take a short general definition of what it is freeware, then the definition is:

Freeware is a free software and can be used by anyone, but can not be modified.

So that freeware is a software too, only difference lies in the cost.