Free download open office programs for open source software to help document management

One thing that is sought after for some people is something that is free, especially if it can provide more benefits. Likewise with open office, which is afree software or freeware and can be used for completing work tasks or Integration file management. Open office since attendance is free aka not paid. Open source software… read more »

Free download network monitoring freeware to management file sharing and programs

As we know that the activities associated with computer networks typically require a tool to monitor the activity of the network itself. Like for example to monitor the activities of network users, sharing files, programs and etc. But we know how administrators usually like free tools that make their lives easier and, to complement the… read more »

What is the common understanding of freeware?

Perhaps you have heard about Freeware, especially that often deals in computers. Then there are some of us who already know about what the common understanding freeware ?. Let this time I will explain the general understanding freeware very often we hear. Freeware is computer software that is available for free, but that is copyrighted… read more »